I am a Social Media Marketing strategist and I assist individuals and companies with their social media marketing campaigns.  Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are but a few of the mediums that I use to help you market yourself and or your company on the social web.

With the internet so readily available via mobile devices and PC’s, you need to be visible to everyone.  Social media is a great way to connect with your target audience and engage with them so that you can build your network of interested followers.

Being a social media marketing strategist provides a challenging opportunity to help business owners spending their budget effectively in one or many of the online platforms suitably available.

Digital marketing is all about your digital footprint and is not always about selling. With a presence online you can build your online reputation, credibility, and become know as the leader in your niche.

A couple of years back I was an ordinary wife and mother.  My husband has always had a passion for the world wide web and soon the passion got hold of me too and now I have an even stronger bond with the man of my dreams and husband of two decades.

We have two beautiful teenagers who keep us young and make sure we stay in touch with the latest trends of technology.

I enjoy the everyday challenges of being a wife, mother and a SME social media marketing strategist!  When I have “time off”, I enjoy reading and relaxing in front of the television.